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Sparkle in your Father’s Eyes

Have you ever had the lyrics of a song get caught in your mind and you find yourself singing them over and over and hard to get rid of?

Recently I’ve been captivated by two lines from “Jamie’s Song” by Kristene Mueller.

“She’s a sparkle in her Father’s eye,
Kind of like the moon tonight.”

You are the sparkle in God’s eyes. He created you so that He could love you! He created you for His delight!

“You created everything, and it is for your pleasure that they exist and were created.” (Revelatin 4:11)

Think about that. The Creator of the Universe, the one who named every star and created the galaxies by His Word wants you as part of His family. He desires to be in relationship with you, to love you. You are important to Him.

You’re the sparkle in His eyes!

What I’m reading & listening to

Book Review – Jesus Culture, Banning Liebscher

Don’t read this book if you don’t want your life to change! Don’t read this book if you are comfortable with your expression of faith! Don’t read this book if you are not looking for a challenge! Because reading this book will do precisely that! It will challenge you, inspire and change you!

From the forewords by Lou Engle and Bill Johnson, right through to the last page, this book is about what life as Christians should be like – a life that is naturally supernatural, that is bold in its pursuit and demonstration of Jesus! Banning writes of a life that is meant to be burning for Jesus – fuelled by passion and sustained by prayer. He inspires us all to be History makers and change makers in our families, workplaces, cities and nations. Fortunately for the reader, Banning goes beyond inspiring us to giving us immensely practical and sustainable strategies for being a passionate follower of Christ.

Banning is the leader of Jesus Culture from Bethel Church, Redding, California that has brought us Jesus Culture Band and their albums including Consumed and We Cry Out. If you love their music and their message then this is a must read! Aimed primarily at youth and young people – this book transcends generations and has something for everyone!

CD Review – Kristene Mueller – Those who dream

If you’re a Jesus Culture Fan, if you enjoy easy listening worship music to wash over you, or even if you’re on the hunt for a Christian CD that you can play in the background rather like Norah Jones or Bic Runga you need to get this CD!

Released last year by Jesus Culture Music, the album “Those Who Dream” by brand new artist, Kristine Mueller is a real joy. Kristene has devoted her life to God in the secret place and comes to Jesus Culture from being a worship leader with Justice House of Prayer San Francisco. Her heart and passion for God exude from every song.

I have found the CD to be delightfully refreshing and yet compelling at the same time. Even when played as background music to tasks at hand I have find myself drawing into the presence of God. I particularly love the song Redemption with lyrics “The deeper sin the stronger the blood, the more to forgive, the more reason to love, so I place my trust in You.”

“Kristene’s sweet and deeply devotional ballads will move your heart to heaven and your hope to earth.” (Lou Engle)

 “Her songs are breath and life right from heaven” (Beni Johnson)