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Radiation Alert!

If I really believe that the Spirit of God radiates from me, then the closer I get to others, the more they will feel Him. What if God purposefully put me into this situation for something other than what I am expecting? If I focus only on my own issues, I will miss the purpose and the intentions of God.

Fear Not!

“All our fret and worry is caused by calculating without God” (Oswald Chambers)


Adversity minus God’s presence equals doubt and fear. We worry when we subtract God’s presence from our crises. Anxiety comes as a direct result of trying to live without God, when we divide our lives into the secular and the sacred, limiting God’s involvement. God doesn’t want us to compartmentalise our lives, He wants to be a part of our whole life. Letting God into all aspects – work, finance, home, relationships – is the best way to reduce worry and stress!!