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Life Lines

Well am almost through Day 2 of my lenten fast…and it has been tough….With the heat we’ve been having at the moment there is nothing I like better than a glass of diet coke on ice! From the first morning I started wrestling with wanting a coffee then a diet coke!

Sigh…must confess it has been the diet coke that I am missing the most. But each time I have been tempted I have thought about Jesus and what He went through for us…Fasting does make you think of Jesus more – all the thoughts of coke, coffee, chocolate turn to Him and what He would do…

It has made me think how much my 3 c’s are life lines for me…feeling hot & yuck – have a coke, feeling down – have some chocolate…This is a good challenge! The only life line I want is Jesus!

So going to sit down with a glass of sparkling water and reflect some more.

Bless you all heaps!

The 3 C’s

Coffee,Chocolate and CokeCola….Yip I love them and would have at least one of them every day….But as lent approaches, have been feeling God speaking to me about fasting them over the 40 days of Lent….So tomorrow – Shrove Tuesday will be my last opportunity to have them until Easter Sunday!

I don’t fast just to deprive myself (although must say this should be good to me) but to cause me to lean into God more and be aware of Him during the times I would normally be enjoying my 3 C’s! With 2 little boys and a busy life – Diet Coke, Coffee and Chocolate are little life lines for me – to perk me up, give myself a treat. But here we go – I’m going to sacrifice this.

Fasting something over lent from Ash Wednesday through to Easter Sunday will help prepare my heart for Easter – will focus my attention of Jesus journey through from His welcome to Jerusalem to His death on the cross.

40 is a significant time in the Bible: Other occurrences are – 

  • Moses spent 40 days on Mount Sinai with God
  • 40 days and nights Elijah spent walking to Mount Horeb
  • It rained for 40days and nights in the days of Noah
  • The Israelites wandered for 40 years in the wilderness
  • Jonah gave the people of Ninevah 40 days to repent
  • Jesus fasted in the desert for 40days before His tempatation

It seems that 40days brings a breakthrough, a change, a triumph – I am believing that I will come out of my 40days changed…