Hi There,

Come on in to my virtual home! Here, it’s all about Jesus! Loving Him, pursuing Him and becoming more like Him! I’ve loved Him all my life and could not imagine life without Him.

I hope that this blog gives Him honour and joy, as we journey through our days! This is a blog to hopes to inspire you to draw near to Him and hopefully to give some keys on living the Christian life.

About Me!

I’m a Kiwi (that is I live in New Zealand – which if you haven’t visited is the most wonderful place!). I’ve always been passionate about writing and teaching, so thought that it was time to transfer my writings from Journals to the Blog forum. Although I must confess I won’t be surrendering the joy of writing in lovely italian journals!

I’m a Pentecostal, have loved the Lord all my life and really desire to know Him more and more.

My Husband and I are Ministries Directors at The River Christian Church, Auckland, New Zealand. We love our Church and are committed to seeing each and every member empowered to serve God through their gifts and talents. You can check out our church on www.theriver.org.nz

So Happy Reading, thanks for visiting and God’s Blessing to you  all!



4 thoughts on “About

  1. hi fellow blogger… guess what… i do too… can u guess who i am… (oh that sounds stalkerish!)

    i must say – great minds think alike…

    ps it was the LOTR quote that gave it away! and the anchor post… oh and then i read ABOUT…

  2. that is so funny!
    but i was doing it under the radar too!
    wordpress is pretty good – i had tried some of the other ones but i like this one. have been doing it covertly for a couple of years… lol!
    though i might of super sluethed that it was you – it all fits – pressingon… a lighthouse… pip…. lol!

    this is for sure something to giggle about!

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